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Compact VHF/UHF FM Mobile Radios

This newly introduced model, TK-7102/8102 is a compact, high power mobile radio designed to deliver maximum performance at a favorable cost to business and industrial users. The TK-7102/8102H mobiles deliver a massive 50 watts of power, are equipped with 8 channels for conventional operation, and include Kenwood's FleetSync® signaling feature set. Though priced for sensitive budgets, this compact mobile is a full-featured "workhorse" built for the harshest environments -meeting Mil-STD 810 C/D/E/F specifications. Taxicabs, school districts, and volunteer fire departments appreciate the reliable performance, superior audio, and economical cost of this new Kenwood model.

Below is a brief list of features. For a complete list of product features and specifications, please download the product brochure.


  • 146-174 MHz, 50W
  • 450-490 MHz, 45W
  • 8 Channels (4 CH @ 2 Groups)
  • Channel / TX /Busy LEDs
  • 4 Channel Keys / 2 Function Keys
  • Normal Scan
  • FleetSync®
  • DTMF Encode / Decode
  • Accessory Port

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